Mission Statement

Paul Rovin Vision as Councilor will Focus on 3 Main Objectives


Paul Rovin believe that by creating an inclusive, welcoming and diverse communities, the resident of the City of Grande Prairie will enhance their quality of life.
Paul Rovin hill focus on addressing issues like Housing, Immigration (Local), Family and Community Support.


Paul Rovin is truly amaze by all the services available to the community. Those resources can make a positive impact on so many resident. However, many are unaware or are not using it to its full potential. 
Paul Rovin hold this issue close to his heart and will work relentlessly to find ways to promote the City services and impact peoples daily life.


For Paul Rovin, the City's Infrastructure component is a major element within the community. It represent all the facilities (recreational, cultural, municipal, etc...) and systems (public transport, road, utility, etc...) of the City.
Grande Prairie is a growing community with tremendous potential for his residence. Paul Rovin objective is to ensure that the existing and new infrastructure meets the future needs of the community.