Paul Rovin's

Campaign Launch Speech

Dear Citizens.

Honorable Dear administrators

Economic and Financial Actors

I am Paul Rovin Ngemital. Originally from Cameroon, I am a resident of the beautiful, multicultural, and vibrant community of Grande Prairie since 2014 (7 years).

Grande Prairie, our City presents a vast array of possibilities. Many resources are made available to citizens who have chosen to live here to flourish, raise and educate their children in both official languages. These resources are unfortunately being used properly to improve the lives of its citizens. I have seen and experienced it on several occasions.

Let’s talk first about the residential snow removal system. How many of you this very winter have been forced to stay at home? Miss an important appointment? Or arrive late at work? Not because your car hasn't started due to the cold, but because it was impossible for you to cross the mountain of snow on the road fearing to get stuck? Yes!!! Many of us are in this situation. Many of us are not looking forward to the winter not only because of the cold but because of the inconvenience of the snow removal system in place, which leaves us to ourselves and makes us fear for our safety. It is time for a change!!!

Another very important situation that we have to pay attention is the cost and lack of social housing. The City of Grande Prairie is home to many support services for vulnerable people and they are struggling to find housing for their members. These people, residents of this same beautiful City that we cherish, find themselves in these situations mostly against their will, and need our help to get back on their feet. As part of this City, we owe it to ourselves to take action and show our support. To stand up for them when they can’t, and provide them the minimum they need like a roof over their head.

Thirdly, 2020 was marked by great upheavals. Overall, the COVID-19 crisis has exposed and exacerbated the inequalities and vulnerabilities that exist within our society. The pandemic has had multiple repercussions on local immigration, but it has also highlighted the fragility of minorities in times of crisis. So, we need to learn a lesson and think about what steps to take to reduce long-term consequences in our community.

Current events and the accomplishments of the past year have also brought to light the racial discrimination and unconscious bias that persist in Canadian society and in our community in particular. This reality requires adapted strategies to address those challenges in order to promote cohesion in a context of Diversity. It is time for us, dear citizens, to come together. “Our Diversity is Our Strength”

Because of all these concerns specific to our City and for the love I have for my community, I am running for City Council in the election of October 18, 2021 to promote better RESOURCES, EQUITY, DIVERSITY, INCLUSION and BILINGUALISM. My goal is to use my experience as a committed resident of the Swan City to make our voices heard so that real change can occur for the development, security and well-being of all.

I invite you citizens of Grande Prairie to write with me a new page in the history of our City. I invite you to join me, so that together we make our Diversity our success!!! Because, remember “Our Diversity is Our Strength”

Thank you


Paul Rovin For Councillor

Full Biography


Resident of Grande Prairie

Since 2014


Married to Nicole Sylvie Ngemital


Immigration and refugee’s mental health project graduate University of Toronto
Financial and management graduate st Laurent college Montreal

Current Occupation

Executive director Canada In Progress
Environmental services Grande Prairie Regional Hospital

Community Involvement

Community Income Free Tax Program Coordinator
Grande Prairie Local Francophone Immigrant Coordinator (CLIF)
Member of the Grande Prairie Local Immigration Partnership Council (GPLIP)
Member of Grande Prairie Immigrants Advisory Table (IAT)
Member of the Grande Prairie Cameroonian Association (Cam-Prairie)
Member of the Grande Prairie Intercultural Association